Maintaining our Total Recordable Incident Frequency Rating of Zero, our team is fully committed to creating and conserving a safe work environment for our employees, customers, sub-contractors, management and the general public. This commitment to safety is reinforced in our Health & Safety Manual and our Site Specific Safety Plans (SSSP). Our clients Safety Program and Policies will be strictly implemented into our SSSP.

Our safety program is registered with good standing for ISN, PICS, AVETTA and Comply works. In addition, we hold a Certificate of Recognition (COR) which shows our commitment to safety on all levels through:

  • Maintaining the clients safety policy and guidelines as well as Kettle River Contracting
  • Maintaining a strong safety culture and awareness such as, daily safety meetings, personnel performing well structured Field Level Hazard Assessments
  • Conducting regular inspections on both job sites and equipment & retaining competency records
  • Correcting any unsafe working conditions and practices prior to an incident occurring
  • Orientations are deemed important from our personnel, will include client requirements & SSSP

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